Egypt to hold presidential election Dec 10-12

Ahmed Bendari (L), Director of the Egyptian National Election Authority (NEA)’s Executive Body, speaks during a press conference regarding the upcoming 2024 Egyptian Presidential Elections, at the Cairo International Convention Centre in Cairo (AFP)CAIRO: Egypt will hold a presidential vote on Dec 10-12, the elections authority said on Monday, with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi widely expected to win reelection despite an economic crisis including record inflation and chronic foreign currency shortages.
El-Sisi, 68, can stand for a third term due to constitutional amendments in 2019 that also extended the length of presidential terms to six years from four, opening the way for him to stay in office until at least 2030.
Election results are expected to be announced on Dec. 23 and, in the event of a run off round, final results should be announced on Jan. 16 at the latest, the election authority said.

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